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The Sibiu - Agnita - Sighișoara narrow gauge railway, including its Cornățel - Vurpăr branch, is historically listed as a whole, class B, code SB-II-a-B-20923 in the List of Historic Monuments.


May 19, 2016

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May 9, 2016

On May 28 we will be running again at the Sibiu Semi-marathon, this time for the restoration of buildings at Cornățel station.

We are running for our railway since the second edition of the Sibiu Semi-marathon, back in 2013, and so far we successfully raised funds to restore a passenger carriage, repair a section of railway and organize the Days of Mocănița in 2015. Each time we submitted an even more ambitious project, yet we managed to raise the funds which we aimed for, while every year the numbers of runners and supporters for our cause grew.

This year we submitted a project called "Come again to our little railway station" (named after a well known Romanian song), in which we aim to restore the inside of the passenger building and to repair the tank inside the water tower at Cornățel.

We first entered the passenger building at Cornățel back in the summer of 2008. The windows and door were missing, electric wiring were pulled out from the walls, the electric panel was burned and vandalized and the terracotta stove was missing parts. The sole surviving piece of furniture was the frames of the station master's desk, while on the floor laid clothes and plastic bags, evidence that the building was used as shelter for homeless people, while the rear room was used as a public toilet. We then cleared the rooms and fitted a door to prevent unwanted access. Later we added bars and windows, so that now the two rooms are safe from vandalism. With funds raised at this semi-marathon we plan to rebuild the electric wiring and inner plaster, so that we can welcome tourists inside the passenger building at our regular events. We will also have a place to host photo exhibitions, presentations and other activities.

Back in 2008 we also first met the water tower. It was sound, albeit with a shaky roof. Soon after the roof collapsed inside the water tank, which triggered waves of thefts of bricks and tiles. In 2010, due to thefts, the height of the tower reduced to half and the stability of the 10 cubic metres tank within was threatened. We had a fundrasising campaign and managed to rebuild the tower and its roof, after which we used it to host two photo exhibitions. Earlier this year we fitted a door and window and now we use it to store bad sleepers which we replace out on the line. Considering the increasing number of steam trains which we plan to organize, we aim to restore the original water supply for locomotives, the first step of which is to repair the leaking water tank.

Do run either of the 21km semi-marathon, 2x10km relay, 4x5km relay, 5km cross or children's races to help the station at Cornățel regain its past glory, or support our runners at Semimaraton Sibiu 2016 - Hai vino iar în gara noastră mică. The deadline for runners is May 16, while supporters can subscribe by July 1st.

Hai vino iar în gara noastră mică from Radu T on Vimeo.

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