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The Sibiu - Agnita - Sighișoara narrow gauge railway, including its Cornățel - Vurpăr branch, is historically listed as a whole, class B, code SB-II-a-B-20923 in the List of Historic Monuments.


November 6, 2014

Thanks to the mayor of Roșia commune (which Cornățel village is part of), Mr. Valentin Aldea, the Friends of the Mocănița were donated the body of a former road tourist carriage which has been used for the last several years as guardsman's cabin at the entrance to the animal market at Cornățel.

With logistic help from the building materials company Unimat we moved it today to the Farm School in Cornățel, who we thank again for hosting, while the plan is to transform it into a covered trolley.

It will be repaired, fitted with narrow gauge rail axles and an engine and it will serve for track patrolling and maintenance, as well as tourist rides.

October 12, 2014

Driven by the beautiful weather and the breathtaking autumn views, the SAR volunteers went out for a walk - a documenting visit to the railway viaducts and tunnel at Tilișca.

Once the railway objectives have been checked we walket towards the Dacian fortress at Tilișca, through woods, meadows and enclosures scattered across hills.

The midday sleep at the shadow of a tree, admiring of autumn crocuses, tasting of apples and search of the legendary wild orange added to the experience of a wonderful day, while the chosen means of tranportation was, of course, the train.

For more photos visit our Facebook album.

September 28, 2014

Taking advantage of the visit of our British friends from SARUK and driven by an older desire to get there, fifteen friends of the SAR set moving today towards another narrow gauge railway, at Covasna.

After a wonderful ride in the open coach, steam hauled train at the base of the inclined plane, we climbed up at Comandău where the vastness of tracks, scattered rolling stock, beauty of the location and pure air stunned us all. Words cannot make justice to the scene...

Thank you Andras, thank you SARUK for a memorable trip!

For more photos visit our Facebook album.

September 26, 2014

As they already have us accustomed over the last years, our British friends from SARUK are visiting us again at the end of September. And not only visiting, but also give a helping hand despite their age.

If in the years before they helped with replacing sleepers and rails, this time they contributed to clearing the Hosman-Cornățel length of thistles which have invaded the trackbed. Two days of hard work resulted in almost 2km of track cleard of thick thistles that pearced even the thoughest gloves, while debree has been burned in order to diminish the spread of seeds. Meanwhile we also learned that we have been fighting against the national flower of Scotland!

The clearance also started a long series of actions intended to bring the track between Cornățel-Hosman up to standard to allow running of trains, in preparation for the surprize we have in store for you next year.

August 9, 2014

Today we restarted the restoration works at the passenger carriage which we purchased earlier this year.

It was only the first of many activities which will take up the rest of the year and which aim mostly to rebuild its interior. We will strip the carriage down to its metal to clear all rust and paint over with rust inhibiting paint, will replace sections of the floor which are too corroded, will restore the seats, rebuild dividing walls and board the sides and ceiling with new materials, offering additional vertical space. We will also fit new windows and give extra care to exterior doors which will undergo vast repairs.

We'll also pay attention to the exterior of the carriage which, although restored by us in 2010, will be improved by applying filler where needed, repainting and applying required markings.

All of this is made possible with financial support of the Sibiu Community Foundation, by means of donations sourced at the Semi-maraton and Cross - Sibiu on the Move in 2013 and will lead to the full restoration of the carriage so it can be used in future tourist trains on the Sibiu - Agnita narrow gauge railway.

June 22, 2014

During this weekend we were present at the first edition of the Days of Vicinity on Mihai Viteazul boulevard, with a photo exhibition.

Many of the locals who visited our stand were interested in the current status and the possibility of reopening the railway, others added to our knowledge of the history through their experiences with the mocănița, the historic photographs and those taken during our volunteering activities drawn many eyes as well, while several youngsters subscribed as volunteers.

The event organized by AIOS was the first of a series which aims to revive the tradition of vicinities and transform for a few days the streets of neighborhoods throughout Sibiu into leisure areas, as well as to draw attention amongst locals about the environment where they work and learn.

June 6, 2014

The volunteers have today received nine information boards which are to be fitted near major stations along the railway.

They are double sided prints on a sandwich of metal and PVC, supported by an oil impregnated oak frame. One of the sides describes in Romanian, English and German the respective station, while the other contains a text refferring to the historical monument status of the railway, as well as two photographs related to the location.

The boards have been produced by the Mioritics association with financial support from the Fund for Civic Innovation, during a programme financed by the Trust for Civil Society in Central and Eastern Europe, sponsored by Raiffeisen Bank and administered by the Foundation for the Development of Civil Society.

May 31, 2014

The rain and cold couldn't stop us today from running the 5km cross, 21km semi-marathin, 4x5km relay and children's races for the "Steam train on the Hârtibaciu valley", project which the Friends of the Mocănița association subscribed this year at the Semi-maraton and Cross - Sibiu on the Move.

The project aims to celebrate the Days of Mocănița by organizing a steam weekend, which needs repair of the 7km of track between Cornățel and Hosman, bring over a steam locomotive and passenger carriages, as well as promote the event, while the first edition will be held in September 2015.

We thank the 39 runners, countless supporters and the organizers for bringing us closer to the day when the railway will be reborn.

More photos in our Facebook album.

May 30, 2014

More than a month of rehearsal culminated on Saturday, May 24, when 40 volunteers of the Friends of the Mocănița association and dancers from the Sibiu Dance Studio and Dance With Me dance schools held a flash mob for the Sibiu-Agnita railway in the main square of Sibiu.

The event was masterminded by Ioana Blotor, an SAR volunteer, in order to raise visibility of the association and to show that in their six years of existence they grew up, created projects, assumed campaigns and had accomplishments.

Their message has been transferred into a choreography created by Adrian Rășinariu from the Sibiu Dance Studio dance school, on Compact's Lost train song, while Neluțu Armeneanu provided the sound system and Ionuț Vișan dealt with video editing. The Sibiu town hall, the association of Hungarians in Sibiu and also contributed to the successful event.

May 10, 2014

A shipping container was added yesterday to the volunteers' infrastructure. It was placed at the end of a siding in the station at Cornățel and, pending modifications to improve security, will be used to host their moto-draisine.

After a failed first attempt on Thursday, the container was unloaded yesterday just outside the station on the direct line towards Agnita, as this was the closest where the crane and lorry could fit, while today the container was pulled using a tractor by our friends from the School Farm at Cornățel to its final position. It wasn't easy, as it implied crossing over two points and from one line onto the other.

We thank Schenker Romtrans for donating the container, as well as NEEB Cranes for the logistics!

March 28, 2014

On Thursday, March 27, in Bucharest, the Mioritics and Friends of the Mocanita associations were rewarded at the Gala for Rewarding Public Involvement Projects for the "Restarting mocanita - the heart of Hartibaciu valley" project.

At the second floor of the Production Works on Unirii street, the "Mocanita at the end of the tunnel" award was handed to us by Mr. Radu Coșarcă, accompanied by applauses of hundreds of spectators, our project being one of the twelve to have been rewarded from a total of 61 submitted. The award was handed to Voichița Dragomir (Mioritics association), Mihai Blotor (Friends of the Mocanita association) and Răzvan Pop (Sibiu County Dept. of Culture).

Our efforts rewarded at such a high level, the support of thousands and this award drives us to push forward, to start all over again if need be and to make our voice heard so that the mocanita steams once more on the Hartibaciu valley.

March 20, 2014

This was a big day for the friends of the mocanita - we bought our first carriage.

Built in 1985 at the MEVA Carriage Works in Drobeta Turnu-Severin (works number 124), the carriage was literally saved from under the cutting flame in 2008.
During 2010 it was partially restored by our volunteers and formed the little train which celebrated the railway centenary on 27 September 2010 at Agnita.
Right after the centenary we started building a shelter for the carriage on top of one of the sidings in the station at Agnita, where we could continue its restoration, and the carriage is under shelter since the end of 2011.

We wish to thank Mr. Stănuleț Chirion who temporarily took over the carriage from the scrap dealer and waited all these years for us to afford its purchase.
Two thirds of the necessary funds were raised from the 2% of tax which people have donated to us during the last years, while the other third was the contribution of our British friends from SARUK.

This year we aim to continue restoring the carriage, with funds raised last year at the Sibiu Semi-marathon event organized by Fundația Comunitară Sibiu.

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