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The Sibiu - Agnita - Sighișoara narrow gauge railway, including its Cornățel - Vurpăr branch, is historically listed as a whole, class B, code SB-II-a-B-20923 in the List of Historic Monuments.


November 18, 2012

The Friends have completed their winter preparations since last week, having managed to close the carriage shed completely and to store inside, beside the carriage, the timber resulted from dismantling the railway's former goods shed. However yesterday saw them out again, this time for something different.

Documentary interview

We've been actors in a documentary filmed by an independent German studio, focusing on life in the Hârtibaciu valley - present and future. The purpose of this film is to record difficulties which the local communities are confrunted with, both of inter-ethnical as well as social and economic nature, but also to capture opportunities and local initiatives aimed at raising the standard of living and to develop the area, with the SAR understood to be the main engine towards this. Don't imagine we went out just for fun - we carried our guests with the bicycle draisine over the two operational kilometres of track up to Bârghiș swamp, where they observed and filmed the challenges which we will be facing over the next few years - tracks overgrown with trees, rails with dislocated joints and missing bolts, rotten sleepers. The return trip was up the hill, so everyone's legs were put to the test, including the camera operator's. They fully tasted the experience, enjoying each moment, which made the effort and muscle soreness well worth.

Should the documentary be successfull at the German TV stations the crew will return over the next years to record progress, both on the SAR and the whole valley. Until then we eagerly await the documentary trailer.

November 10, 2012

One building each year, this seems to be the Friends' goal as regards restoration of SAR's fixed assets.

The story began back in 2010 by restoring the small building at Coveș, continued in 2011 with the water tower at Cornățel, while this year focuses on the stables building at the Alțîna station.

Of the same age as the nearby station building (1910) the stables miraculously survived till today, while most of the stations lost their annexes in time. However, its poor condition and theft of materials brought the building to the brink of collapse, so the Friends decided to act.

This photo gallery illustrates the stages of its restoration, which was made possible by a donation from a member of the UK Supporting Group and by the skill of restorators led by Ștefan Vaida.

September 17, 2012

Sibiu County Council

Following an invitation from the Sibiu County Council, a meeting between active SAR players took place today at the SCC's old meeting hall, with the purpose of setting up a plan for accessing funds towards the SAR restoration.

The head of SCC - Mr. Ioan Cindrea - expressed the County Council's interest to become a member of the Consortium (formed of the Local Councils along the railway), as well as it's willingness to provide funding for the SAR as part of county level projects currently on SCC's list. Of course the proposal was unanimously saluted and approved by all members, this is afterall a long awaited step towards normality. Copies of documents (concessioning, listing and feasibility study) were handed to SCC's lawyers for reviewing, while an action plan will be drafted in due course.

The Consortium took this opportunity to elect it's chairman, the former chairman - Mr. Curcean Marius Radu - having lost the local elections at Agnita and thus his position in the Consortium. The majority chose Mr. Ionel Vișa, the mayor of Nocrich, as the new chairman.

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