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Who we are?

We are a team of young volunteers, age 22-41, professions ranging from student to architect, programmer or historian, backed by local authorities and British enthusiasts, who, since summer 2008, get together in their spare time to do railway related works, while having fun.
Sure, we could have stayed home and play computer games or watch TV, but what good does that do? Here we have a chance of achieving something in the real world, something which will benefit others and that makes us feel that our time was not spent in vain. And there's a lot of self content coming with that.
Since summer 2009 we are organized under the "Prietenii Mocăniţei" (friends of the Mocăniţa) association.

What we do?

Our main goal is to preserve and gradually restore the assets of the narrow gauge railway linking the town of Agnita to the city of Sibiu. This involves regular maintenance works such as spraying the trackbed with herbicide, clearance of trees, replacing rotten sleepers, maintenance of bridges, station buildings maintenance and restoration, rolling stock restoration and dealing with locals, while keeping an eye open to prevent thefts.

So far we succeeded, amongst others, to decrease thefts and destruction in the stations at Agnita and Cornațel, restore the station building at Coveș, water tower at Cornățel and stables at Alțâna station, clear the tracks and replace missing parts on 7km between Cornățel and Hosman, paint the warning signal outside Agnita, build a carriage shed at Agnita and restore the body of one passenger carriage.

For the future we plan to organize the Days of Mocănița yearly, with the first edition to be held on 26 and 27 September 2015. This involves repair and maintainance of the 7km of track between Cornățel and Hosman, as well as rebuild and restore to working status of several passenger carriages. The locomotive will be hired during the first editions since we lack the financial support to buy one of our own.

Your involvement brings us closer to achieving these goals. If you like our projects, bring your contribution to it!

How can you help?

Be a volunteer

Whether you like railways and couldn't find the means to express it so far, simply because you grew tired of your job at the office and crave to do some phisical work, or just because you love volunteering, this is the perfect place for you.
Actions planned almost each Saturday all year long give you the perfect opportunity to attend whenever you feel up to it, without any pressure of regular attendance. Please feel free to express your desire to join the team by using any of the methods described in our contact page and you will be subscribed to our newsletter bulletin, which you will get by email prior to each of our actions, so you can decide whether the planned tasks are fitted to your taste and abilities.

Spread the word

Tell your friends, write on your blog, spread fliers, stick posters, tell about your experience as a volunteer on the SAR. Thus, with a minimum effort, you are helping us grow, to be known and to dare think about more ambitious projects.
See our posters, fliers and banners.

Ride our velo-draisine

Plan for an unforgettable trip on the Hârtibaciu valley! Whether you bring your family or your friends, our draisines give you the perfect means to admire the relaxing and divers landscape of the Natura 2000 bird protection site, far from traffic noise, accompanied only by the sound of train wheels. For more details about draisine rides visit our tourism page.

Buy our products

Promote us and fund our restoration projects by acquiring our products. Visit the online shop for newsletters, postal cards, badges and other goodies.

Join the supporters group

However, if time or distance doesn't allow you to attend our actions but you would still love to help, you can do so by joining the SAR supporters group. In exchange for a monthly contribution of 50 RON, which will fund our projects, you'll get a twice-yearly newsletter by e-mail.

Respond to our appeals

From time to time we launch public appeals for urgent or important projects. Whether to restore a building threatening to collapse, repair a bridge or restore a piece of rolling stock, you can support us financially, with logistics or materials.
If you would like to donate for our projects, you can do so by transferring into our accounts, opened by Asociația Prietenii Mocăniței with Banca Transilvania in Sibiu:
EUR: RO75BTRL03304205S48081XX
RON: RO03BTRL03301205S48081XX
You can also donate using PayPal:

Everybody's welcome to participate in this interesting project, which for sure will mark the lives of those who get involved, while bringing a positive contribution to those living in the deprived area of the Hârtibaciu Valley, Sibiu county, Transylvania, Romania.

Last updated on August 23, 2016
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